All of us at some moment in our lives feel the need to share our feelings, especially the negative ones with someone. We feel the need of a listening ear which without any complaints and judgements would just hear us for hours and only help us with the solutions. Right from our day-to-day problems to life changing crucial fights, all need to be talked about.
But unfortunately in our society, until now counselling is considered to be a taboo. Talking to a stranger might be beneficial as well as difficult on certain occasions. It is easier because the person is hardly important in your personal life, and his/her conception about you will hardly matter. Whereas, sharing harsh truths of life face to face can be a challenge.

So PSYCHESURF has come up with a concept of distance counselling. It helps you to disclose all your issues, without the need to face your psychologist and yet get your problems solved.

Steps to follow

Schedule a counselling session at any preferred time from the comfort of any place through a telephone call or email. Psychesurf is affordable. Psychotherapy sessions cost a lot at many places. But Psychesurf wishes to help all age groups and all economy classes. It is easy to pay too. Paytm us on – 7030893635 . We are only a call away.

 Child Counselling


Does your child hesitate to share his/her feelings?Is he/she academically weak? Does he/she face any behavioral issue? Does he/she has any learning disability?

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Do you wish to become the best parent for your child? Do you think you need to understand your child better? Are you doubtful about the way you are bringing up your child?

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Self awareness


Do you feel conscious all the time? Do you keep critisizing yourself every now-n-then? Have you lost the purpose of your life?

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Stress management


All beings out there reading this post had their share of stress at some point in life. The present hour has given us modern living, luxuries, materialistic happiness, but it has snatched away our tiny moments of joy.

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