Men vs Women. Really?

“Men are from mars and women are from venus”. It is such a spot on phrase. If we are compelled to judge in accordance to the planets, Mars is a hot planet and so are men, aggressive I mean and they wish to dominate too. Whereas, Venus is a planet of beauty and calmth and so are women, full of emotions.

Men and women are different and so are their brains. Research indicates that men and women do in fact have different structures and wiring in the brain, and they may also be using their brains differently.

The Grey matter is more in men and white matter is more in women. Grey matter consists of active neurons and white matter consists of connection between different neurons. Men have more area to process data and women have more network between processing centres.

3DecBrainGraphicMen are good in spatial thinking and women are intuitive and empathetic. that is the primary reason for women being more emotional. Men are better at reading maps and women are good at talking. Women narrate incidents in terms of stories whereas men talk as if they are terms of facts. Men can do one work at a time and women are good at multitasking. When a woman wants empathy, men think she wants the solution for the problem, but the fact is that she only wants support.

The bottom line is that we are taught to behave the way we do. Since childhood, the differences we observe in men and women behaviour make an impact, which results in following the age old traits. At the end the society and surroundings we grow up in shape our character. Nature and nurture play an important role in brain development.

The chemical composition in an individual’s body play a vital role in molding the characteristics. Depression and anxiety is mostly experienced by women more than men because serotonin produced by women is just half of that of men. Serotonin is neurotransmitter which affects mood, social behaviour, appetite , digestion and sleep.

All of the above observations with respect to men and women have been researched and analysed. These are generic observations, may not be true for all. So, if both, man and woman, try to understand each other properly and accept the fact that they are made like this, relationships between them be managed easily and happily.

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