Child Counselling

Does your child hesitate to share his/her feelings? Is he/she academically weak? Does he/she face any behavioral issue? Does he/she has any learning disability?

These issues are observed in most of the present day kids. Due to modernisation, kids have lost their innocence.Early exposure to certain things which they should have been exposed to at an older age might be the biggest reason behind these problems. But being kids, they are not able to easily express their problems as they themselves are not aware of what is exactly going wrong. At such times, they somebody to ease them and make them comfortable in discussing all their problems step by step, so that it could save the harm to the future of this tiny being.

Psychotherapy does exactly the same. We use various therapies like play therapy, art therapy and various approaches, so that a child feel relaxed in order to disclose all that the tiny brain feels and experiences. Children get an opportunity to openly share their feelings and aspirations. It makes them feel heard and as a result happy to be in spotlight. This especially assits kids suffering from psychological disorders like ADHD, OCD or anger issues. We build their self esteem to let the child easily cope up with any similar problems in future too, with the aim of encouraging every kid to use their brains to their maximum potentials and become responsible individuals.