Syndromes – A group of strange symptoms

There are many bizarre syndromes which are unknown to us.  I explored some of them.

Extreme self neglect causes it. This syndrome has lot of chances to occur in patients having dementia. This syndrome affected people are aloof, domineering, aggressive, live in isolated place, have hoarding behaviors like that in obsessive compulsive disorder. This syndrome is also called as senile squalor syndrome.
People feel that they are in some reality TV show. They feel that everyone is watching them. They feel that everything is scripted, their whole life, family, friends etc. This syndrome got its name from The Truman Show, a 1998 film where a protagonist lived his entire life on camera without being aware of it.
Sufferers feel that a famous person usually a stranger especially of high status than them  is in love with them. It may be one of the symptoms of sufferers with schizophrenia. They feel that person is sending them secret messages like a smile or expression to show their love.
It is also called Alice in wonderland syndrome as like Alice lost in her dreams. These people see things smaller in size than they actually are. It is a neurological condition of distorted space, time and body image.The majority of patients with the syndrome have a family history of migraine headache or have migraine themselves.

In simple words, it can be said misidentification. It can be said as delusion of doubles. These people think different people are same only just they change their appearance. They are not able to distinguish even between places or people. This syndrome is just opposite to Capgras delusion in which sufferer feels his relative has been replaced by some similar looking  masquerader.
Victim have hallucination or confusion when exposed to art. They get anxious after viewing beautiful or so much art at same place at same time. It is a psychosomatic disorder in which after viewing art, sufferers show physical effects like rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting etc.
A person with this syndrome have delusions of being a wild animal. So he starts behaving like that animal he has turn into. It is similar to psychosis. There was one case registered of women having delusion of having claws like a wolf.
It is paralysis of will. They lack decision making capacity. Many of us have this lack but in these people, its severity is so high that they face difficulty even in decision making of day to day simple activities.

Imagine you are born in one country and having accent of language of some other country. It generally happens after some stroke affecting broca’s area or brain injury. It is a sudden speech disorder. Its extremely rare but there are documented cases around the world, including accent changes from Japanese to Korean, British English to French. There has been one case in which Rosenberg woman sounds British after successful jaw surgery.
This is a rare syndrome, a eating disorder in which patient like to eat things which has no nutritional value. They may eat harmless food like ice or harmful things like paint, wood, soil, hair, wool, flakes of dried plants, metals. This may develop in people having schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In Pica, a medical evaluation is important to assess for possible anemia, intestinal blockages, or potential toxicity from ingested substances.

Many of the above syndromes may look incurable at first place but there definitely exist cure but it needs patience to let them heal completely.