Psychotherapy helps to naturally heal miniature or massive issues without the need of any medicines.

We at Psychesurf aid you in counselling the change in self-wrecking behavioral patterns,destructive emotions and correcting irrational beliefs using different combinations of therapies. We will assist you in improving your mental immunity, which will help you in realising the reasons behind your decisions in past and determining correct decisions in future.During the course of the therapy, an appropriate therapeutic approach would be followed to help you with your difficulties. The number of sessions required would differ from individual to individual, as it would depend on the nature of your problem. During your initial sessions, you might feel that there is an increase in the level of distress, which could be because you are trying to work on your personal issues. Changes with the help of the therapy are goign to be gradual but it does take place with necessary time and effort.We apply various apporaches to benefit you in your crucial times and remove any possible hinderances that interfere with your happiness or prevent you from achieving your goals.

About Me

A past-time hobby transformed into a passion and then a profession. I have completed MS in psychotherapy and counseling and have also done three levels of Usui reiki. I am also certified in music therapy. Being a strong believer of the statement “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”, I am fond of helping people.